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      Are You Kidding® is a fun, colorful, and stylish kid entrepreneurial kids and adult sock company founded by 2 young brothers. Brandon and Sebastian are 2 amazing young boys that have not only been living their passion of designing and selling their own line of kids and adult socks but they are making a difference at the same time.  Sebastian, 8 years old, is the C.E.O. and designer for Are You Kidding®. Brandon, 10 years old, is the Director of Sales or as he calls himself the D.O.S. From day one the Martinez brothers wanted to share their love of wanting to stand out and look cool to the world one sock at a time. Their love for socks has allowed them to create a small business where they can share their fun designs with others as well as  also using their socks to help raise funds and awareness for local and national charities.  They have partnered with charities such as Autism Speaks, American Cancer Society, and The Live Like Bella Foundation to name a few.